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                        School Description

Margaret Allen Middle School students are a very diverse group of approximately 270 students who live in the Antioch community. We work hard to embrace every culture represented in our building so that students feel a sense of belonging and connectedness to the school community.

At Margaret Allen, we work together to create a culture of care. Our students embrace the three R’s at our school: being respectful, responsible and ready. We also embrace the strategies within the Restorative Practice Framework; we want our students to know and understand the importance of restoration and second chances. We are dedicated and committed to engaging students in high quality instruction, daily, as well supporting their social and emotional needs.

We have also become a Leader in Me School. We believe that all students are leaders and have the capacity to lead in various ways while encouraging the greatness in others. This program allows the adults in the building to teach leadership skills to every student, create a culture of student empowerment while aligning systems to drive results in academics.

This year we have added AVID to our toolbox.  We are working on making all of our students ready for college and careers. We are beginning with organization and all students will receive a binder that they are required to have with them in all classes daily.  Their notes and assignments along with their agenda should be easily found in each section of the binder.

We offer three 8th grade classes for high school credit-Integrated Math, Physical Science and Spanish I. After-school programs include YMCA NAZA and Moves and Grooves. During these after-school programs, students engage in classes to support the extension of classroom learning. Students also participate in SEL activities, virtual tours, and art activities. Our students can also participate in a musical in the Spring. Our most recent one presented, was a Disney Musical called, Little Mermaid. Additionally, because we understand the need to develop the whole child, students have an opportunity to participate in several non-academic CLUBS. Some of these CLUBS include; cooking, gaming, movie, mad scientists, robotics and a book club; just to name a few. We are committed to providing experiences and opportunities that speak directly to the middle school child.

School Hours

8:55 a.m. to 3:55 p.m.

School Cluster

Use the online zone map to learn more about our school cluster.

School Board Member

District 4