Restorative Practices

Strengthening Connections with Students 

As a school, the faculty, staff, and students embrace the strategies of the Restorative Practice Framework. We understand the importance of strengthening students’ connections to both staff and other students.

Restorative practices support the prevention of discipline infractions as well as the responses to infractions when they occur. It is our goal to help students identify transgressions, then immediately recognize their role in the act, to repair the harm caused. Not only will these practices help to eliminate school disruptions, but they will also provide an opportunity for students to grow from their mistakes. Restorative practices promote inclusiveness and helps to build positive relationships while promoting a positive school climate and culture. 

This also decreases the number of discipline infractions reported. It is important that we change our mindsets from a more punitive approach to a restorative approach if we expect our students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.